London Road Enfield crash: Nine injured after bus and Smart car crash

Six bus passengers and a motorist have been taken to hospital after a double-decker and a car crashed in north London.
Four ambulances were sent to London Road, Enfield, after the crash at about 7.35am, which was declared a “significant incident” by the LAS.
One woman was badly hurt with chest injuries and was rushed to hospital as a priority.
She was thought to be the driver of the small Smart car driver involved in the crash.

Photos from the scene showed the mangled car next to its wrecked doors lying detached on the tarmac.
Six passengers, including a man with neck pain and five others with less serious injuries, were also taken to hospital.
A further two passengers were treated at the scene for minor cuts and bruises.


The W8 bus had been on its way to Chase Farm Hospital when it crashed close to the junction with Cecil Road.
Kevin Brown, deputy director of operations for LAS, said: “The incident was stood down at 9.30am and I’d like to thank all our crews and control room staff for the care they give those involved in this incident.”
Firefighters and police also attended the scene and roads remained closed at 11am as they worked to clear the scene.
A spokesman for the Met said no arrests had been made.


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