Thirteen people are injured after THREE double-decker buses crash in London’s Parliament Square

Three double-decker buses smashed into each other in Parliament Square, causing traffic to grind to a halt
13 people were injured, some treated at the scene and others transported to hospital, but none seriously hurt
Emergency services, including a paramedic, four ambulances and a hazardous response team responded.


Smashed: Three double-decker buses crashed into each other in Parliament Square today and 13 people were left injured in the accident


Emergency services, including a paramedic, four ambulances and the hazardous response team, were called to the scene of the accident


 No one was trapped in the accident and 35 people evacuated before the emergency services arrived. A man had a suspected spinal injury


Three-year-old buses: The double-decker buses were said to be brand new Routemasters or ‘Boris buses’, which were launched in 2012


Traffic jam: People tweeted about the accident and advised those nearby to stay away from the area as traffic was halted at the scene


In a statement the fire brigade said: ‘Thirteen people suffered minor injuries and were treated by London Ambulance Service while around 35 other passengers left the three buses before the Brigade arrived.
‘Three fire engines, a fire rescue unit and around 21 firefighters and officers from Soho, Lambeth, Euston and Shoreditch fire stations attended the incident.
‘The Brigade was called at 1449 and the incident was over by 1533.’
The buses involved were the new Routemasters or ‘Boris buses’ which were launched in 2012.
On busy central routes the buses often run with a conductor who supervise the rear ‘hop on, hop off’ platform.
The buses use the latest green diesel-electric hybrid technology.
In test conditions they produced just half the carbon dioxide of conventional diesel buses.
However the buses came under fire last summer over concerns about their air-cooling systems, which have led to an announcement that they will be fitted with opening windows.
The accident is being investigated by Transport for London.

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