Driver Accused of kicking Gay Couple off London Bus

Driver accused of kicking gay couple off London bus after launching ‘vile homophobic tirade’

Theatre director Omar Okai claimed the “humiliating and disgusting” rant happened in central London last Friday evening


Omar Okai said that the driver forced them to leave the bus

A driver has been accused of a homophobic rant at a gay couple before allegedly kicking them off the bus.
Theatre director Omar Okai claimed the “humiliating and disgusting” rant happened in central London last Friday evening.
Omar, 51, who was with boyfriend Juan Salas Carranza, 36, alleged the driver made an inappropriate remark when they boarded the bus at the rear.
They have complained to Transport for London (TfL) after the dispute near Tottenham Court Road station at around 10pm.


The London bus driver accused of making the homophobic comments

Omar, from Bethnal Green, told the press that they missed the bus initially but caught up with the service at another stop.
He claimed the front doors were closed, so they got on at the back with their Oyster.
The bus driver reportedly told the couple the “front doors were closed for a reason” and repeatedly asked how long they had been using buses in the country?
Branding his attitude “vile and aggressive”, Omar added that the driver said “I bet you like it in the back door” and “you heard” when challenged about this comment.
The driver is then alleged to have made an announcement to passengers saying people “need to get off” which forced Omar and Spanish partner Juan to exit.
In a letter to TfL, he added: “My partner and I were humiliated and intimidated, being made to leave the bus.
“I use the transport system day in, day out and have never been so insulted.”
A TfL spokesperson told the Standard: “We are concerned to hear of this incident and are investigating it with Tower Transit, the operator of the 25 bus route.

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