Driver and four passengers are seriously injured and 13 others hurt as bus ploughs into back of another

Eighteen passengers were injured today, five seriously, after a bus ploughed into the back of another on a busy seafront.
The driver of a single-decker was pulling into a bus stop in Weymouth, Dorset, when the vehicle slammed into a stationary bus picking up passengers.
The people on board the moving bus, who were mostly elderly, were thrown forward by the force of the unexpected impact.
Police said five passengers suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the Dorset County Hospital by ambulance.


The driver of one of the buses was one of the five people who suffered serious injuries. The impact of the collision led to him being trapped by his legs in his seat.
According to a passenger on board, nobody else on that bus was badly hurt and it is thought that most of those with serious injuries were people boarding the bus in front at the time.
Roger Jewell, a 55-year-old head chef from Weymouth, said: ‘I was aware of it pulling in and then it seemed to speed up and then there was a sudden bang from where it hit the one in front.
‘I jerked forward as did most of the other passengers. There was a lot of panicking from people outside the bus.


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