Isleworth Bridge Crash: Roof of Double Decker Bus Ripped Off

The roof of a double decker bus has been ripped off in west London after the driver ploughed into a bridge which was too low.


Three people are suffering from shock after the top floor of the bus was sliced straight off after the driver unsuccessfully navigated the small tunnel in Isleworth.
Photos from the scene show the sliced roof lying on the ground as bemused passers-by stop and take photos.
The bus roof is completely missing leaving it resembling an open-top double decker more often seen around London’s tourist hotspots.


Police said they were called to the crash at 4.45pm on St John’s Road, Isleworth today.
John Wilson, who lives nearby, said he was in the house at the time when he heard a crunch as the bus went under the bridge.
He said the driver of another Transport for London bus, route H37, beeped his horn to warn the driver.
A spokeswoman for the Met Police said three people were suffering from shock but there are no serious injuries.
Transport for London said buses are being diverted because of the crash.




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