Edmonton Green

Edmonton Green bus station in 2000 was a very different place compared to today’s bright and smart interchange. The facilities of 14 years ago were still instantly recognisable as those of three decades earlier. The famous “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” spiral stairwells were still standing, and buses still served and terminated under them. The vehicles themselves, sadly not the RT’s, RM’s and DMS’s Frank Spencer would have seen, represented the transition period of New Millennium London, with older step-entrance types rubbing shoulders with the newer, more modern Low-Floor machines. Colour was still featuring among individual operator liveries, the days of the 100% Red rule were a few years away yet, although the legislation decreed that at least 80% of the vehicle had be red at least.


Facing the camera are two members of the First fleet. On the 191, a newly delivered TN-class Plaxton President-bodied Dennis Trident overtakes one of the rarer buses in London, if not Britain, an ELC Pyoneer-bodied Dennis Arrow serving the 259, unfortunately lacking a final destination blind. Another of this type can be just seen behind.. Patiently waiting along the left hand side of the scene are two Arriva London DLA-class Alexander ALX400-bodied DAF DB250RS’s, working the 279 and 144. These buses hold the title of being London’s first Low-Floor double deckers. Ahead of them, another DAF DB250RS awaits custom, this time carrying President style bodywork, these buses coded DLP. On the horizon, two more First buses carry on as normal, in the shape of another TN and a Marshal Capital-bodied Dennis Dart SLF.
Nowadays of course the area is awash with more modern types, and all wear the uninspiring plain red livery. But we will always remember Edmonton Green looking like this. At its best.

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