Drivers Hours Guide

There is a difference between Scheduled Drivers’ hours and the law regarding Drivers’ hours. This is very important so take time to read this and be sure of the facts regarding Drivers’ Hours for UK Domestic Bus Drivers. The first section is an Act and so the law applies to DRIVING time. Driving time is the time you actually spend driving a bus excluding break time, stand time, sign on/off time and travelling time.
  • Maximum Driving time in one spell before a break – 5 hrs 30 mins
  • Maximum Daily Driving – 10 hrs
  • Maximum daily spreadover – 16 hrs  Minimum break – 30 mins
  • Minimum daily rest – 10 hrs

None of the above are flexible, and as a Professional Driver you are responsible for your driving hours.

The next reference is taken from the Company’s Operating Agreement. This shows agreed company maximum spells of duty on your duty card. These form the basis of scheduling on all of the rotas we work:-
Maximum Spell – 5 hrs 30 mins on the bus (this does not include signing on/off or travelling time) or 6 hours with a statutory break. (This is a maximum including signing on/off and travelling time). The above section has been misinterpreted by many drivers, so let’s try to make it clearer.
What is stated applies to SCHEDULED spells of work within a duty, namely the times on your duty card. If you are running late, you may well exceed 5hrs 30 mins on your bus INCLUDING stand time. This is not illegal as long as your stand time is more than the amount of time you are late, but you must not under any circumstances exceed 5 hrs 30 mins of actual driving time once your stand time has been deducted from the spell of duty.
In summary, if you are running late or asked to take a bus through on overtime, YOU need to be aware of your maximum driving time and inform the controller if you believe you will be close to actually driving for more than 5hrs 30 mins.