Wayfarer Machine


This is the ticket machine that sits in the cab also known as a Wayfarer the Oyster bit will be on the outside on the left hand side…
All buses have just last week been fitted with a new ticket machine they are the same model but have different software installed, this is good because once you have set this new one up at your first run you don’t really need to touch it again, the old model needed info inputted at the end of each run.


This unit goes into a slot on the bottom left hand side of the wayfarer machine and will activate the software so you can input you information.. At the start of your shift you will put your module into a machine in the garage and it will download your days duty, that will then allow you to start to input the days info into the machine that is in the bus..
First thing you need to input is your driver number, you will get this number the first day you start training and it will be used twice a day to sign on the wayfarer before your run (once for your first runs and second time after your lunch break)
Your number will be something like 1462952
You then input your running number this can be found on your duty card such as 101
You will then check the bus number is correct such as its showing 349 etc and you will select enter. The last bit is the trip number this again will be on your duty card and will be something like 43.

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